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Kentucky Horsewear Fleece Scarf


  • Same fabric as the Cooler Fleece Rug
  • A zipper to close and open it
  • Velcro on the neck to attach to your halter
  • Use for stable, transport, after washing or riding
  • Colour: NAVY

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Kentucky Horsewear Fleece Scarf

This Kentucky Horsewear Fleece Scarf brings all the key benefits of the Kentucky Rug range to your horse’s neck. This scarf we uses the same fabric as our popular Cooler Fleece Rug, therefore ideal to dry your horse after riding or bathing. Another great time to use is simply in the stable on colder days. It is also very breathable, which makes it perfectly suited during transport.

It is very easy to put on or take off thanks to the zipper under the neck. An essential piece of attire for every horse wether they are competition horses or simply feel the cold.

Does Your Horse Rug Out Their Mane?

The Kentucky Horsewear Fleece Scarf will support the protection of your horses mane during the months when they have multiple rugs on which can cause the mane to be rubbed out.

A smallVelcro closure at the poll can be attached to your head collar. This helps to keep your fleece scarf staying in the correct place. The neckband is super elastic and allows a better fit, therefore allowing super comfort for your horse.

Available in Full Size and can be use in conjunction with any of the Kentucky Horsewear Rug Range.

If you are looking for something for shows check out the Kentucky Show Rugs available in Black and Navy.



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