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Loyalty & Referral Program

The Prima Equine Loyalty & Referral Program

Our Loyalty & Referral Program is an exciting new to reward our customers even more than before!

The best thing, it’s FREE to join.


How Does It Work?

You collect points everytime you shop, complete small tasks and share your magic link with friends.

Points can be used to redeem amazing rewards such as exclusive codes for discounts, free gifts, free shipping and more.

Your points are valid for as long as you make one purchase per year.

Points are rounded down. For example if you spent £24.99 you would earn 24 points.

Rewards are only allocated to your subtotal, shipping fees are not included. For example if you spent £100 and then £5 for shipping, you would earn 100 points.

There is no minimum order to qualify, so even if you spend £1…you’ll still be rewarded with 1 point.

On all product pages a message is displayed showing how many points that can be earned when purchasing the product.

Only one coupon may be used at the checkout at any one time.

How Can I Earn Points?

For every whole £1 spent, you earn 1 point – we like to keep it simple!

5 points for creating an account, a nice welcome bonus right? You would normally have to spend £10 to get 10 points…

5 points for subscribing to our mailing list. WOW another free £10 worth of points! If you unsubscribe you’ll lose your 5 points.

5 points for entering your Date of Birth, there’s even bigger rewards on your Birthday! We won’t tell everyone how old you are so don’t worry.

5 points for sharing us on Facebook.

5 points for sharing us on Twitter.

Referral System

Want to know how you and your friends can all benefit EVEN MORE with our exciting new program?

Now everyone can get extra points and extra rewards…

Simply share your unique referral link with a friend and when they make their first purchase, you’ll both be rewarded!

You can now literally fund your equestrian shopping by sharing your link with friends and family, it’s that easy!


Boosted Events

Special ‘Boosted’ Events are spread throughout the year.

For example, these can be double points earned on Tuesday, 10% bonus points boost when you spend over X amount…

You get the idea right?

These are incredibly rare events, so when they do come around, you DO NOT want to miss them.


Changes to this program may be made without notice.

Only purchases through our website can be included into the rewards program.

Saddles and saddle orders cannot be processed through the website and are dealt with separately.

Prima Equine offers fantastic deals when buying a saddle so you won’t miss out!

If you have any questions, concerns or require support related to the Loyalty & Referral Program please email Daniel > daniel@primaequine.com