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Amerigo DJ Pinerolo Jump


  • For straighter backed horses
  • Also good for short backed horses and bigger warmbloods.
  • Premium Pinerolo calfskin leather for supreme comfort and grip
  • Wooden spring tree that’s easily adjustable
  • Independent panel system
  • Amerigo saddles mould to your horses shape over time
  • Excellent for cold backed horses
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The Amerigo DJ Pinerolo Jump is right at the top of luxury saddles.

It’s premium Pinerolo calfskin leather offers the rider supreme comfort and unrivalled grip.

The Pinerolo leather from Amerigo is famous for it’s luxury look and feel.

The Amerigo DJ Pinerolo Jump is made around a French birch wood spring tree.

This design is best suited to horses with a straight back, short back or bigger warmbloods.

This allows the width to be altered and can be done in 7-10 days by the UK Authorised Specialist.

So no need to buy a new saddle if you’re horse piles on the pounds!

On this particular Amerigo Saddle there are four short billets (girth straps).

This allows even greater flexibility when it comes to girthing up and ensuring the best possible fit.

If you find your saddle slipping forward you could try girthing up on the first two billets.

Likewise, if your saddle is slipping backwards slightly you could try girthing up on the last two billets.

The DJ Jump is available in Black, Brown, Newmarket and Red Brown.

There are many widths available such as Medium, Medium/Wide and Wide.

Countless custom options such as coloured stitching and piping and a nameplate can also be added.

The DJ Jump is available in a Monoflap and Doubleflap.

MPS Panel System

Amerigo MPS panels are made from a unique blend of synthetic fibers and can be different volumes to suit each horse.

Each panel is individually manufactured and requires significant mastery to ensure that two equal panels are manufactured.

The panels are non-gusseted and are not stitched onto the saddle.

They are completely independent of each other!

Over time the saddle will contour itself perfectly to your horses shape.

Such a panel system provides many advantages in terms of fit.

This makes it possible to provide an individual and precise adjustment.

To date no other saddle operates with this unique and hugely beneficial design.


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Black, Brown


16", 16.5", 17", 17.5", 18"


-1 (Narrow/Medium), Medium, +1 (Medium/Wide), +2 (Wide)