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Veredus Carbon Gel Vento Save The Sheep Front


  • Tendon boots with breathable techno sheepskin lining
  • Washed easily and dries quickly
  • More comfortable and a cosier fit than natural lambskin
  • Trapped sand is easily released.
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The Veredus Carbon Gel Vento Save The Sheep Front tendon boots are the true pinnacle of leg protection.

Featuring a synthetic sheepskin lining that offers the comfort of lambskin with the performance benefits of a man-made fabric.

Techno Sheepskin

Save The Sheep, the new line in techno sheepskin, is cruelty-free.

The lining is a man-made fabric, which is free from any animal derivatives.

The techno sheepskin offers numerous advantages:

  • washed easily and dries quickly, while real lambskin requires considerable, lengthy maintenance;
  • trapped sand comes out easily out of the loose, soft wide knit, minimising the risk of abrasions to the leg;
  • it is more comfortable and has a cosier fit than natural lambskin;
  • stays looking good for longer, while real lambskin tends to dry out, become stiff and turn yellow.

These boots are suitable for sensitive-skinned horses that can get rubbed by standard boots.

Double Ventilation

They also offer the cooling benefits of the Veredus Vento design.

Designed with double ventilation, the heat released from the horse’s leg passes upwards.

Through the microperforated neoprene layer and is then distributed in the 3D mesh ducted fabric.

During this process, fresh air enters through the side air inlet of the Vento Boots.

Through Veredus’s extensive research the air ducts have been specially placed for maximum effect.

Ventilation is therefore horizontal (from the inside outwards) and vertical (from the bottom upwards).

This is an innovative technology that features in no other boot around!

This facilitates the upward removal of heat from your horse’s legs.

Helping to keep the tendons cool during exercise.

Aiding to prevent any muscle or tendon problems from arising.

Further features include an anatomically shaped shell for comfortable positioning on the leg.

The Veredus Carbon Gel Vento Save The Sheep Front tendon boots are made from carbon and nitrex gel.

It also features an adjustable closure system with quick-release tips.

These Veredus boots are available in Black or Brown,

Available in sizes Small (Pony), Medium (Full), or Large (Extra Full).

Please note: the Small size has a slightly different design (see the third image), but has the same technical qualities as the other sizes.

Click HERE to pair them perfectly with the fetlock version – the Veredus Young Jump Vento Save The Sheep Fetlock Boots.


Black, Brown


Small, Medium, Large