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Cavalor Bronchix Pulmo Paste 6 X 50G


Cavalor Bronchix Pulmo is an oral supplement that can be given to horses for pulmonary support and elasticity.


 Directions for use

  • 1/3  syringe for at least 6 days in a row
  • 1/2 syringe morning of the day before effort
  • 1/2 syringe on the morning of the effort (or late evening before)
  • Cavalor Calm 800G/2KG
  • Cavalor Calm is used to manage stressful situations.
  • Many competitive horses do not perform to their full potential due to stress.
  • Cavalor Calm helps prevent symptoms associated with stress.
  • It is a nutritional supplement based on herbs which have an anti-stress action. They do not make the horse unresponsive.
  • It doesn’t contain prohibited substances and has no negative effects on the liver and kidneys.


May be used with good results in:

  • horses that are “spooky” in competition
  • horses that are too temperamental during training
  • horses that are susceptible to stress
  • stallions used as sport horses

Cavalor Calm is especially composed for horses that only exhibit “spooky” behaviour at competitions. To a lesser extent it may also work for chronically nervous horses

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Key Ingredients

  • Magnesium
  • Tryptophan
  • Herbs
  • Vitamin B1, B6 and B12.

Cavalor Calm contains no substances that are prohibited in competitive sports.

Feeding Rate Information

Each horse is an individual. It is impossible to have an exact feeding rate. We recommend you experiment with your own horse to find the best level.

Our advice is to start at 45 g per day.

Use for a maximum of 4 weeks at a time.

When stopping reduce the quantity gradually.

Feeding Rate start at 45g per day
Pack Size 800 g
Pack Lasts 17 days
Max Daily Rate 200 ml per day