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Cavalor Bronchix Pure


Cavalor Bronchix Pure is the product for you when you have niggling respiratory tract and breathing problems.

It was developed to support the horse when a cough persists for a prolonged time period.


  • Blowing, coughing or a slight wheeze? Something is just not quite right but there is no real veterinary issue. This is the product for you.
  • Irritation of the lungs can be caused by different factors.
  • These problems can have a very negative influence on the health of the horse.
  • It is very important to solve these problems quickly.
  • This product soothes, clears and supports the respiratory tract and increases the natural resistance.
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Feeding Rate

Feeding Rate 50 g per day for 40 days
Pack Size 2000 g
Pack Lasts 40 days (a full course)
Max Daily Rate 120 g per day


Alternative to consider

Cavalor Bronchix Liquid opens the upper respiratory tract of the airways.

This improves breathing, especially in case of coughing due to irritation.