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Cavalor Derma Spray


  • Advanced Pre and Probiotic skin spray
  • Natural cleansing spray for hooves, skin, coat, mane, and tail.
  • pH-neutral formula
  • Perfect to help with conditions such as
    • cleaning wounds
    • cracked heels
    • yeast infections
    • thrush
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The Cavalor Derma Spray is a pre and probiotic skin spray.

It helps to clean wounds and prevent infections.

The bacteria found on the skin are the first line of defence against infection.

The active pre and probiotics in the Derma Spray strengthen this legion of good bacteria on the skin

This supports the body’s natural defence mechanisms.

The Derma Spray works significantly more effectively than conventional disinfectants and antibiotics.

It’s ideal for treating normal wounds, itching, irritations, and other skin problems.

No horse stable should be without this product.

Bacteria are everywhere, both the good and the bad kinds.

If a horse has a weak immune system or too many ‘bad’ organisms (pathogens), these can quickly gain the upper hand and cause the horse to be more susceptible to infections.

Organisms can spread and transmit infections everywhere – especially on brushes, halters and sheets.

Horses can also carry a fungus without showing any symptoms.

It is therefore strongly recommended that the risk of infections be kept under control.


Use this spray as a natural cleansing spray for hooves, skin, coat, mane and tail.

The pH-neutral formula, specially created for a horse’s skin, eliminates active pathogens and promotes a healthy balance of microflora.

This reduces the presence of germs like bacteria and fungi.


Used to treat itching, tears to the skin, wounds, and bacterial infections.

Apply to the affected area twice daily

Warning: For external use only.

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The Cavalor Lurax Cream 200 ML is a skin ointment for treating small wounds and scratches.

It contains everything needed for rapid and effective healing.

This mixture produces exceptionally good results (see packaging for label values).

In the case of serious skin damage, wounds, or inflammation, always consult a vet before using this product.

A skin ointment for treating small wounds and scratches

Minor skin wounds after an accident call for an ointment that contains everything needed for extremely fast and effective healing action.

Essential oils, vitamins, acids, oxides, and plant extracts ensure that this ointment has a soothing and relaxing effect on the skin.

Massage the ointment thoroughly into the skin around the affected area three times a day until the skin is normal again.

The Cavalor Lurax Cream 200 ML is for external use only!