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Cavalor Oilmega 2000 ml


  • Cavalor OilMega is a blend of high quality oils known to be high in omega fatty acids. Contains no oils of animal origin.
  • This blend of oils helps support the bodies anti-inflammatory processed and assists in the boosting of muscle function.
  • As such it may increase endurance, boost immunity and promote weight gain as well as improve coat quality.
  • It is a liquid supplement formulated with omega oils designed to supply calories to horses in the form of fatty acids.

What it contains

  • A balanced mixture of high quality oils
  • Corrected balance to account for the generally low Omega-3 diet of stabled horses
  • NAB (Natural Antibiotic) composition of medium chain fatty acids extracted from tropical plants
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Feeding Rate Guide

Day 1 20 ml
Day 2 40 ml
Day 3 60 ml
Day 4 80 ml
Day 5 100 ml
Week 2 onwards 50 ml per day

Sprinkle over the feed for a minimum of 30 days, preferably 60 days, and can also be used daily. Peak effect is reached in 6-8 weeks.

2L lasts approximately 33 days, 10L lasts approximately 193 days.

Additional Product Information


Why Oil?

  • Scientific research has shown that a diet rich in healthy omega fatty acids can improve the general well being of the horse. Within the first few weeks of application horses commonly develop a healthy and shiny coat with a mirror like finish
  • A diet higher in fat can also improve the performance of horses that engage in long-duration exercise, such as that seen in eventing, dressage, and endurance riding.
  • Fat is the fuel for slow and sustained power while starches are the fuel for quick and short duration power.
  • The diet of a competition horse must be an appropriate blend of both types of fuel for the best performance in their respective discipline.
  • Oil is also a very energy dense supplement that one can add to a horse’s diet in order to pack on the weight.
  • A single 250ml cup of oil can contain enough calories to meet up to 10% of an average horse’s daily energy requirements.
  • For comparison, it takes 1 – 1.5 kgs of hay to meet the same calorie amount.
  • Unfortunately, horses cannot consume large amounts of oil and it is generally recommended that horses only be fed a diet of 3-8% total fat by weight per day.
  • To best take advantage of fat supplementation in a horse’s diet, it is best to focus on small amounts of high quality fats rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Not just another oil!

  • Cavalor Oilmega contains a specific blend of oils high in omega-3 fatty acids to best complement the diet of most horses as well as a patented product called Natural Antibiotics (NAB).
  • NAB is a composition of medium chain fatty acids extracted from tropical plants. NAB has been shown to have a proliferative effect on the intestinal flora of the horse, which improves the feed digestibility and helps stimulate the immune system.
  • Cavalor Oilmega is also a great source of vitamin E as a naturally occurring nutrient in this oil blend.
  • Vitamin E helps delay the oxidation of fatty acids, which improves shelf-life without synthetic preservatives.
  • Vitamin E is also critical for muscle development and repair, making Cavalor® Oilmega a crucial addition to the diet of any hard-working horses.
  • The high levels of vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids work together to create the ultimate support for the bodies anti-inflammatory processes making Cavalor Oilmega critical for any horses suffering from poor joint mobility, gut irritation, poor muscle recovery, or allergies.