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Cavalor PasSand 3KG


Digestive support for horses grazing on sandy pastures.


Psyllium is a well-known ingredient related to the prevention and treatment of sand impactions, but studies have reported varying results. Recent studies* show that a combination of mineral oils and psyllium supplementation increased sand removal from the intestine and that the combination of psyllium with inert oils has a greater effect than solely using one of those two materials. In addition to psyllium, Cavalor PasSand contains inert oils and probiotics to better remove sand from the horse’s system as fast as possible.


Technical description:

  • Pail of 3kg.


Usage instructions:


  • Preventive dose for horses grazing in sandy pastures:
    2 x 50 grams/day – 10 days per month.
  • In case sand is detected in the manure: use 2 x 100 grams/day during 10 days.
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