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Equipe Logo Bobble Hat


  • Equipe Logo Bobble Hat with eyecatching Equipe Logo
  • Soft cosy thermal inside
  • Grey cable knit pattern around the outside
  • Colour: Grey
  • Size: ONE SIZE
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The Equipe Logo Bobble Hat is unbelievably soft and will never fail to keep you warm.

It has the eye=catching Equipe logo stitched onto the front and a lovely furry bobble on the top.

You won’t feel anything as soft as the grey cable knit pattern that surrounds the outside of the hat.

With a comfy thermal inside, you’ll never have to worry about getting cold or wearing an uncomfortable scratchy hat again.

If the Equipe Logo Bobble Hat is at the other end of the spectrum for you in regards to seasons and temperatures then you need to look at the Equipe Cap.

Why Is Wearing a Hat In Winter Important?

Wearing a winter hat keeps you warm, dry and prevents you from having hypothermia and frostbite.

A hat is designed, literally, to keep a cap on your body heat.

That’s why keeping your head and ears covered with a quality hat is an absolute must during cold harsh conditions.

By wearing a hat with material designed to wick away moisture, you are keeping the sweat from your head from working against you.

A moisture-wicking hat, such as one made out of merino wool or synthetic material will keep your head dry. When you are dry, you are warm!