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Equipe Soft Grease 500 ml


  • The Equipe Soft Grease is used for the maintenance and conditioning of leather saddles and accessories.
  • It helps to prevent premature aging caused by sweat, and heat.
  • Soft Grease protects the leather by creating a natural barrier and a waterproof effect.
  • It contains protective moisturisers which, with regular usage, help to maintain the condition of the leather.
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The Equipe Soft Grease 500 ml helps to nourish and make the leather supple without the loss of strength.

It has been specially formulated for all Equipe leatherwork, whether it’s bridles, saddles or martingales and breastplates.

You spend a lot of money buying your horse some nice tack.

The last thing you want is for it to break or snap because you haven’t been looking after it properly!

How often do you clean your tack…if at all haha?

You’ve spent good money on tack so make sure you look after it!

You don’t need to spend hours scrubbing away to achieve nice soft and supple tack.

Just apply the Soft Grease to any of your Equipe leather products on a damp sponge and rub the leather with a cloth or soft brush, making the leather shine and removing possible white soap residue.

Here’s a handy tip for cleaning your tack!

Wipe your tack down with a cloth or sponge that you have rinsed hot water out of.

Try to lightly dampen the leather rather than soaking it so you don’t damage the leather.

Then you can apply the leather soap with another clean cloth or sponge.

By cleaning your tack this way you’ll remove any dirt from the leather before applying the leather soap.

If you just apply the oil straight onto the tack then you are rubbing the dirt and grease into the leather and increasing the likelihood of it breaking or snapping prematurely.

If used regularly it creates a natural barrier against sweat and dampness, the main cause of leather deterioration.

The Equipe Soft Grease 500 ml contains protective moisturisers which help to maintain the condition of the leather.

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