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Equipe STAF14 Safety Stirrups


  • On Sale: Grey w/ Red, Grey, Yellow, Baby Blue, Pink. Orange
  • NO springs, hooks or magnets.
  • Scratch and abrasion-resistant.
  • Horse & Hound Best In Test WINNER
  • The safest and lightest stirrups on the market.
  • Over 32 colour combinations to choose from to match your saddle.
  • Made from Ergal which is far superior to all other aluminium based stirrups.
  • Foot bead width: 12cm
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The Equipe STAF14 Safety Stirrups were born from the idea of creating a functional accessory, with clean and elegant lines.

Its shape recalls the distinctive traits of the STAF11 model but boasts a new innovative design.

A simple release system combined with superior lightness and an aesthetic look.

In fact, it HAS NO springs, hooks, magnets or other solutions that could instead break or get stuck.

A specially designed system that could NEVER become dangerous.

Making it the safest stirrup on the market!

The STAF14’s are the pinnacle of safety stirrups.

They are in a whole new league when it comes to design and innovation.

The safety stirrup facilitates the restoring of the stirrup in case the safety component gets detached from its seat.

No tools (spanners, screws, replacement of parts) required in this case.

The upper part of the silicone is engaged in the pin that is built into the fixed gullet.

The Equipe STAF14 Safety Stirrups are also available in a wide range of colours such as:

Baby Blue, Green, Black, Red, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Navy and Orange.

These match perfectly with the colour edging and stitching available on the Equipe saddles.

Made from Ergal, chosen for its mechanical properties, far superior to all other aluminium alloys.

A lot of other ‘popular’ safety stirrup brands are made of aluminium.

These are heavier and less durable than Ergal.

The “hard anodising” treatment guarantees resistance to scratches and abrasions in general – only available in black.

With over 32 colour combinations you can now match your stirrups with your custom coloured saddle thread and panels.

If you’re looking to freshen up your Equipe wardrobe then click HERE to browse our full range!

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Gullet Colour

Black, Bronze, Silver (Light Titanium), Grey (Dark Titanium)

Silicone Arm Colour

Baby Blue, Black, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow, Navy, Brown