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Grooming Deluxe Show Tack Box


  • Lightweight – only weighs 3.5kg
  • Extra resistant – can sustain 90kg
  • 2-3 times stronger than wooden competitors
  • 2 gold snap closures
  • 2 thin removable dividers
  • A lock can be added
  • 30cm high, 40cm wide and 28cm deep

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The Grooming Deluxe Show Tack Box is ideal for storing all of your grooming equipment, products, and accessories.

It’s perfect for on the yard at home or when you travel to shows.

What sets this tack box apart from other competitors is that it’s made out of bamboo.

Most other brands are made out of wood which only increases the weight of the box.

Bamboo is 2-3 times stronger than wood and is far lighter in weight.

This makes it extremely lightweight and the most robust tack box available.

Another key advantage of bamboo is it is more water-resistant than your typical timber.

We don’t encourage you to leave it out in the rain!

However, it is Britain we live in and you can never be too careful with the weather!

The Grooming Deluxe Show Tack Box can even withstand weights of 90kg.

Packing it away for shows is really easy as well as it only weighs 3.5 kg!

The box itself measures 30cm high, 40cm wide and 28cm deep.

The lid can be closed with two gold snap closures on which you can add a lock for extra security and protection.

When you look inside, you will find a big compartment (25x38x26 cm).

This can be divided into two or three compartments thanks to 2 thin removable dividers.

You can now organise the inside of your box your own way!

If you need, you can also put your spray bottles inside as well.

Two gold handles are included inside that you simply screw onto either side of the box.

Making light work when you need to pick up and move the box.

This also makes a great gift!

Make sure you check out the Grooming Deluxe Show Grooming Box!

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