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Hickstead hind boots


Ultralight fetlock boots, the Hickstead Hind Boots are formed as a bonded shell.

  • Sizes: Full
  • Colours: black, brown
  • Ultralight
  • Bonded shell filled with D3O shock absorption*
  • Single Velcro loop closure
  • Higher cut that brings a natural balance without exaggerating
  • Machine washable at 30° (no dryer)
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The Hickstead fetlock boots are a medium sized and ultralight fetlock boot with a single Velcro closure but a little bit bigger than the La Baule fetlock boots. They are formed as a bonded shell filled with D3O intelligent molecules*, an open front, ventilation holes and perforated neoprene lining to prevent the legs from overheating.

The boot is higher which results in a better action of the hind legs on the jumps, while still ensuring a natural balance. They bring this natural balance without exaggerating and offer a maximum comfort for the horse. They also protect the horse’s hind fetlock joints from brushing when jumping.

Easy to handle and easy to maintain as the boot is specially made to sustain the machine process at 30° (no dryer). Do not forget to use our Boots Cleaner to give them their shiny look back!

They have been designed in conjunction with leading International Show Jumpers and grooms and test results, sales and feedbacks have proven that Kentucky Horsewear has again found a state of the art and technological hind boot to improve the balance of the horse while jumping.

* D3O shock absorbing molecules is a light and clever material that locks on impact and then disperses the blow returning to its former pliable self immediately. Laboratory tests have shown that the boots absorb impact over 50% better than any other boot currently on the market, with the ability to disperse a heavy blow equivalent to that which would actually break a human bone.


Black, Brown