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Kentucky Horsewear Fly Veil Long Stone & Pearl


The Fly Veil Long Stone & Pearl is a great match with our Saddle Pad Pearls.

  • Sizes: Full
  • Colours: black, brown, dark navy, grey
  • Fly protection
  • Gorgeous stone & pearl look
  • Hand made
  • Extended neck piece to prevent the fly veil from slipping with sparkly touch
  • No visible logo
  • Possibility to tie up to the noseband
  • Easy to embroider own logo
  • Matches with our saddle pad pearl
  • Machine washable at 30°, no dryer, in a washing bag
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The Kentucky Horsewear Fly Veil Long Stone & Pearl offers the possibility to tie it up to the noseband.

It’s topped off with sparkly stones and pearls!

Alongside our other popular Fly Veils, we developed this new model.

The Fly Veil also protects the horse’s ears against flies while riding.

The Fly Veil is entirely hand made for better durability.

The material around the ears is stretch and slim fit.

The neck part is longer so it can’t slip and has a sparkly touch so the rider can enjoy this fancy fly veil while riding.

The fly veil does not have a visible logo, therefore rider or sponsors can embroider their own logo.

Perfect for those summer months, the fly veils also protect against flies and midges.

They are especially effective on windy days and when riding inside indoor arenas.

The objective is to achieve a distraction-free riding experience by reducing unnecessary noise.

The soundless fly veils ensure a focused ride without distractions.

Tested by amateur and professional riders, this fly veil is the first choice of hundreds of riders around the world.

A great choice to use when riding near roads or in the final round of the Grand Prix.

Want even more sparkle in your style?

Then the Kentucky Horsewear Fly Veil Wellington Stone & Pearl is the one you need!

You really don’t get a more gorgeous fly veil than that, go check it out!

It’s available in Soundless or normal and comes in a range of dazzling colours.

Ear Option

Standard, Soundless


Black, Brown, Grey, Dark Navy