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Kentucky Horsewear Relax Horse Toys



  • Sizes: One Size
  • Toy: Pony, Unicorn, Bear, Alpaca
  • Ideal stable buddy
  • Prevents boredom
  • Unique look
  • Produces intriguing sound
  • Replaceable inside
  • Fun loose mane, tail and legs
  • Rope to attach the toy in the stall
  • Machine washable at 30°, no dryer
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The Kentucky Horsewear Relax Horse Toys are the ideal stable buddies!

Especially if your horse tends to get bored standing in their stall.

The Horse Toy isn’t only nice to look at, it also gives the horses something to play with.

When the horse puts pressure on the toy’s belly, it produces a cracking plastic sound.

This sound intrigues the horses very much.

The Horse Toy has a Velcro closure under the tail.

This is where it can be opened up to replace the plastic with a new plastic bottle of some sort.

The loose mane, tail, and legs of the Horse Toy are also very fun to play with.

The Kentucky Horsewear Relax Horse Toys are machine washable at 30°, no dryer.

Available in  1 size: 40cm length.

Will you have the Pony, Unicorn or Bear…or all 3?!

Looking for some other must-have stable and travel equipment?

The Kentucky Horsewear Bridle Bag offers protection to your bridles during transportation or at a show or at home.

The Bridle Bag has artificial rabbit skin on the inside to avoid scratches on the leather.

It features a hook on the inside to easily attach your bridle.

The Bridle Bag can be attached to anything thanks to the hook & ring on the top.

The Kentucky Horsewear Bridle Bag has the same navy diamond quilting as our stable set (curtain, guard, head protector) and our rugs!

Therefore this bridle bag tops of the Kentucky show look.

The Bridle Bag is machine washable at 30°, no dryer.

The Kentucky Horsewear Rug Bag is made out of heavy-duty 1680D Polyester fabric with a waterproof coating.

You can store between 3 to 5 rugs depending on the size and the filling.

Perfect for keeping them dry and clean during transport.



Pony, Unicorn, Bear, Alpaca