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Kentucky Horsewear Stable Rug 400g


  • Stylish and comfortable look
  • Artificial rabbit skin to avoid rubbing
  • High warmth to weight ratio to maximize comfort – 400g lining
  • Double front closures, cross surcingles, and bungee tail cord
  • Perfect for when the temperature drops
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Kentucky Horsewear Stable Rug 400g

Kentucky Horsewear Stable Rug 400g is what every horse needs when the temperature drops.

Featuring the famous artificial rabbit skin lining (100% animal friendly) which offers an extremely soft feeling.

Helping to prevent rubbing as well as hairs sticking in the lining.

The artificial rabbit skin creates tiny air pockets that trap and retain the body heat.

Thanks to the soft hairs of the artificial rabbit skin the horse gets a shinier coat.

You won’t find a more stylish rug than this anywhere else!

There is a fantastic high warmth to weight ratio that the Stable Rug 400g offers with excellent comfort.

The diamond quilted pattern on the Kentucky Horsewear Stable Rug 400g has an outer fabric (600D high tenacity polyester) that makes it a lot harder for the horse to bite and tear.

Denier is a unit of measurement that is used to determine the fiber thickness of individual threads or filaments used in the creation of textiles and fabrics.

This also prevents shavings from sticking to the rug.

Saving you endless hours of picking and brushing them off or clogging up your washing machine!

This stylish rug has 400g filling – ideal for those chilly nights!

The bigger the filling is, the more it will trap the heat, offering your horse more warmth.

The Stable Rug features double front closures and two detachable cross surcingles that are reinforced with artificial leather.

The bungee cord is also detachable and has a plastic cover that allows easy cleaning.

We recommend that you wash your rug at 30°, no dryer.

If you want to keep things stylish then you’ll just love our FIRST Edition Fly Veils.

With our logo in glittering gold and obsidian acoustic ears…

The perfect finish to any look!

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Need something a little bit lighter for when it’s slightly warmer, then click HERE!

The Kentucky Horsewear Stable Rug 0g is a super stylish and light weight rug.

It features the famous Kentucky Faux Fur Lining.

The luxury diamond quilt pattern is going to turn heads wherever you go.

There is a 0g lining inside.

The faux rabbit fur provides essential warmth when necessary.

The faux fur creates tiny air pockets against the horses body.

This Kentucky Stable Rug is breathable and will allow your horse to keep a comfortable temperature in changing climates.

This stable rug is the perfect choice for cooler mornings, travelling to shows and simply to use when travelling.

You simply won’t find a more stylish and comfortable rug for your horse!

Did we mention there is artificial sheepskin on the withers?

The Stable Rug is also fitted with two fixed surcingles and tail cord.

Looking for a stable rug more suitable to a colder conditions, then you need the Kentucky Horsewear Stable Rug 400g!




5'9, 6'0, 6'3, 6'6, 6'9, 7'0