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Importance of a Correctly Fitting Saddle

The Importance of a Correctly Fitting Saddle is absolutely paramount to the safety, comfort and performance of all horse and riders.

As horse riders and owners, we are all aware of the significance of a properly fitted saddle.

A quality saddle can drastically improve your riding experience.

This not only ensures your horse’s comfort, but it also improves both your and your horse’s performance.

The first thing we must realise is that every horse has a unique back. Horses exist in a variety of sizes and shapes, just like people do.

Every horse is different so an ideal saddle for one horse might not fit at all for another.

Finding a saddle that properly fits your horse’s back is therefore crucial and the first step to identifying a correctly fitting saddle.

Your horse may experience pain and discomfort from a poorly fitting saddle, which could create behavioral problems including bucking, rearing, or resistance to your aids.

In addition a poorly fitting saddle can cause your horse’s back to suffer long-term harm, including pain, muscle atrophy, and even permanent injury. Of course, this is something we all want to avoid!

A correctly fitting saddle can help to save on vet and physio bills. Leaving you able to finally get that saddle pad or rug you’ve always wanted!

Failing to invest in a well-fitting saddle for you and your horse is setting you up for potential problems down the line.

The Importance of a Correctly Fitting Saddle, what does it offer? A well-fitted saddle evenly distributes the rider’s weight across the horse’s back.

This encourages healthy posture and balance while allowing the horse to move freely. A relaxed horse is more likely to perform well and be more accepting of your aids.

A saddle that fits correctly not only increases your safety but also the comfort of your horse.

A saddle that doesn’t fit properly will make you and your horse unbalanced, especially when jumping or traversing uneven terrain. Falls, injuries, and even fatalities may come from this.

A well-fitted saddle makes it possible for the rider to retain a secure seat, which gives you assurance and control regardless of your riding discipline or level of competence.

It is crucial to invest in a correctly fitting saddle and to have regular checks from a trained and qualified saddle fitter.

In conclusion, both the horse and the rider benefit from a properly adjusted saddle. It provides security, comfort, support, and improved performance.

We recommend an independent saddle fitter that isn’t tied to one brand. This will give you a greater variety of saddles to try for you and your horse.

The three brands we stock are Prestige Saddles, Selleria Equipe Saddles and Amerigo Saddles. If you have any questions or queries regarding saddle fitting, our Saddle Fitting Specialist, Dan, will be happy to help. You can contact him via daniel@primaequine.com

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