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Kentucky Horsewear Fly Veil


  • classic Style Fly Veil.
  • Brown
  • Full
  • Soundless

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Kentucky Horsewear Fly Veil

The Kentucky Horsewear Fly Veil is available in both standard ears and a soundproof version. Lined with neoprene, the Soundless Fly Veil version reduces sound waves entering the horses ear canal. As a result this can often reduce noise related stress in horses.

Designed with a soundproofing fabric. The Kentucky Horsewear Soundless Fly Veil does exactly what it says, It reduces the noise that can spook or unsettle horses.

Benefits of using Kentucky Soundless Fly Veils.

The soundless fly veils or ear nets enable a focused and quiet ride without distractions. Tested by amateur and professional riders. The Kentucky Horsewear Soundless Fly Veil is the first choice of hundreds of riders.

A great choice to use when riding near roads or in the final round of the Grand Prix.

The soundless fly veil maintains focus and concentration and therefore gives you a quieter ride without distractions.

Kentucky Horsewear are a leader in the industry of innovative designs, for products partly due to the research and development invested in products before being sold to the market.

The Kentucky Horsewear Soundless Fly Veils is the perfect choice and offers maximum sound reducing qualities.

Competing in front of a crowd can be distracting enough for a horse. A cheer or round of applause can come at anytime in the middle of jumping. For a horse that is sensitive or easily distracted by noise, the Kentucky Horsewear Soundless Fly Veil is the perfect solution.

Perfect for those summer months, the fly veils also protect against flies and midges. They are especially effective on windy days and when riding inside indoor arenas. The objective is to achieve a distraction free riding experience by reducing un-necessary noise.



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