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Kentucky Horsewear Half Pad Correction Impact


  • 6 inside pockets
  • Easily adjustable
  • Thickness of felt layers from 2mm to 9mm
  • Shock absorbing function

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Kentucky Horsewear Half Pad Correction Impact

What it does
The Kentucky Horsewear Half Pad Correction Impact is used to improve the fitting and balance of the saddle.

This pad is perfect to use for younger horses or horses that change a lot in body shape because you can constantly correct the saddle position on the horse’s back.

The half pad has a shock-absorbing function to filter all irregularities during riding.

This causes a better riding experience for both horse and rider. Since the saddle is more fitting and the shocks are absorbed, the muscles of the horse will feel relieved and can move more freely.

The rider will experience a more stable saddle that has multiple ergonomic benefits.

How it works
Thanks to the 6 felt inserts you can completely adjust the half pad to the need of the horse’s back.

This will make the saddle more fitting and benefits the horse’s back in the long term.

To absorb shocks, we did not only use felt layers but we provided the pad with shock-absorbing memory foam and our 3D spacer material.

The 3D spacer has a shock-absorbing gel to absorb all impact during riding.

By using these outstanding materials, we created a correction pad that is 20 to 30% lighter than most other pads available on the market.

Not only is the pad lighter than others, but it will also improve communication between you and your horse as the saddle is more fitting and you still have close contact.

What’s inside
The correction pad has 3 pockets on each side filled with 3 felt layers of different thicknesses (2mm, 3mm and 4mm). The layers can be combined or used separately depending on the correction you need going from 2mm to 9mm. To minimize the pressure of the saddle and to maximize the shock absorption the half pad is included with a 18mm memory foam. This memory foam is known for its protection in the army and for extreme sports, this will ensure the best protection for your horse’s back. Thanks to the cushioning effect of the 3D spacer, the correction pad is highly breathable and air permeable to prevent the horse’s back from heating up.

The cut for the withers is made of artificial leather and offers comfort as the horse’s spine has less pressure. To ensure the position of the half pad while riding, the pad is provided with a silicone grip pattern.

Care guide for the Half Pad Correction Impact
Remove the felt layers on the inside of the half pad. The half pad is now machine washable at 30 degrees. Let the half pad air dry afterward. For the best result, we advise consulting a saddle fitter, osteopath or veterinary to adjust the shims to the correct thickness.

– 6 inside pockets, that are easily adjustable
– Thickness of felt layers from 2mm to 9mm
– Shock absorbing function
– Ergonomic benefits for rider and horse


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