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Prestige X-Breath Jumping Saddle


  • Medium Deep Seat
  • Short Tree Points
  • Narrow Twist
  • Close Contact
  • Coccyx support
  • Super Comfy Seat
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Prestige X-Breath Jumping Saddle

The new Prestige X-Breath Jumping Saddle is a premium double flap saddle with a luxury feel and look.

It has a medium deep seat, short tree points and one oval opening in the seat.

The oval opening has therapeutic benefits as it relieves pressure on the coccyx.

The large oval-shaped hole in the centre of the seat provides greater comfort for the rider.

Also providing ventilation for the horse’s back.

The smooth leather version has holes and openings on the flaps and under the flaps that lighten the saddle.

This saddle is recommended for horses with normal or small withers and is also a good fit on horses who are croup high.

The new saddle maintains the narrow twist, giving a feeling of close contact.

The anatomically shaped panels guarantee maximum freedom of movement for the trapezius muscles and their support base.

These are wider along their entire surface, ensuring a better weight distribution.

Prestige saddles are fully customised and panels may be ordered in Dacron flocking or latex.

The X-Breath comes with small, front and rear blocks (medium on request)

It also has a standard flap projection (+2cm or +4cm on request).

Flaps may be extended, blocks may be added, and coloured stitching and glistening nameplates are other options too.

Ask us about the available leather options, from super-soft calfskin to the harder wearing and more durable bovine leather.

Widths are available from 29 to 37.



The X-Breath technology presents an ample and innovative opening in the seat.

This oval-shaped hole at the centre of the seat serves a dual purpose:

  • ventilation for the horse and rider.
  • therapeutic benefit insofar as it relieves pressure on the coccyx.

This is for enhanced seat comfort.


Leather Care

To maintain the softness of the leather and to prevent colour fading we advise you to adhere to the following.

After every use, clean the saddle and the accessories by using the Prestige Leather Cleaner.

The cleaner helps to neutralise the corrosive effect of the horse’s sweat.

Now use the Prestige Balsam and Prestige Oil evenly on the entire surface at least once a month.

Ensure to move with circular movements, and let the leather absorb it.

For a more in-depth cleaning and care guide, click HERE.

Price listed for X-Breath, ‘D’ Leather and LPF Flocked Panels.

Leather and Panel options affect price, contact us for your free customised quote.



16', 17', 18'


Black, Tobacco (Brown)


31, 32, 33, 34, 35


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