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How Adjustable Are Prestige Italia Saddles?

So you have a Prestige Italia saddle or you’re looking at getting one.

But How Adjustable Are Prestige Italia Saddles?

But you’re wondering what options you have when it comes to adjustment.

It’s a concern we all have as horse riders when it comes to our saddles.

What if my horse changes shape? What if they lose weight or put on a ton of muscle?

These are all things saddle fitters must take into account when fitting a saddle for you and your horse.

Having a saddle that can be adjusted can be hugely beneficial by saving you a lot of time, money and the stress of not having your saddle.

So let’sPrestige Italia Logo find out How Adjustable Are Prestige Italia Saddles.

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Ensuring your saddle is the correct width (or sometimes to referred to as size) is paramount for you and your horse.

Having a saddle that is too narrow or too wide can result in massive issues for your horse’s comfort and performance.

So having a saddle that can have its width adjusted if and when your horse changes shape/size is crucial.

Who really wants a saddle that has to be sent back to the factory every time some work needs doing?

This is incredibly costly and often leaves you without your saddles for months at a time.

Surely you want to avoid the risk of it being damaged on its lengthy travel, being delayed at customs etc.

This leads perfectly to the trees that Prestige Italia use in all of their saddles.

The revolutionary combination of synthetic fibres used to create the Prestige tree replaces the traditional use of wood.

A synthetic fibre tree has the advantage of not changing shape over time because humidity does not distort it.

Additionally, it doesn’t need any metal reinforcing and is lightweight.

Depending on the horse’s muscle growth, the width of the tree can be increased or decreased.

Firstly they all come with a lifetime warranty* and can be adjusted by most Prestige Italia fitters in-house.

The tree can be adjusted 3 sizes wider or narrower from the saddle’s original size as many times as you like!

How great is that? Having a saddle that you can change so quickly, easily, and cost-efficiently.


Flocking is a material found in the panels of the saddle (the area between the rider’s seat and the horse.

Many saddle manufacturers use different materials in their panels.

Some you may have heard of are wool and foam, with the latter not allowing for any alteration.

The type of flocking used in the Prestige Italia saddles is called Dacron.

This is steamed and uniquely comprised so there is no ‘bedding in’ process which can be a common issue when using wool flocking.

The panels on the saddle are good to go straight away and will mold to your horse’s shape over time.

Having a saddle with flocking has its pros and cons so discussing these with your saddle fitter is recommended.

Upon ordering a new Prestige saddle it is possible to customise the amount of flocking in certain areas of the panel.

This allows for a fully tailored saddle and your Prestige fitter will discuss these options if they are needed.

Flocking adjustments are a fantastic way of making sometimes minor changes for huge benefits, often completed on-site.

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