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Cavalor Bianco Spray Dry Shampoo 200ml


  • Immediate effect
  • No water required
  • Wipe away the most stubborn stains
  • pH neutral
  • Smells devine

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No water is needed.

Simply apply the spray to the stain and leave in for a few minutes.

Then wipe off the stain and excess spray with a dry cloth.

A real lifesaver when at a show!

Perfect for ringside, at the warm-up or when you’re getting ready at the stables.

You’ll want to combine the spray with the shampoo, check out the BIANCO SHAMPOO HERE.

With a quick no fuss and no-mess solution, everyone should have this shampoo.

Instant whitening results with no need for water or hard scrubbing to get stubborn stains out.


The Cavalor Bianco Spray Dry Shampoo 200ml is something every owner of a grey horse HAS to have.

If you don’t have the time or want to wash your horse again, but you want them to shine the next day, what can you do?

Find a place you missed, but you don’t have any water with you?

Don’t want to use cold water to wash your horse?

The Cavalor Bianco Spray Dry Shampoo 200ml is a brand-new care solution and the remedy you need!


High-quality silicones are used and these produce a protective layer without covering the skin.

This prevents dirt from sticking to the coat while allowing for simple cleanup with a cloth.

The pH-neutral Cavalor Bianco Spray product won’t harm the skin’s natural sebum.

Argan oil has been added to it to add hydration and nutrients to the coat.

Vitamin E, vital fatty acids, and antioxidants are present in abundance in this natural oil.

To find out more, click HERE.



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